Friday, July 10, 2020




We are open for business in a reduced capacity, and remain committed to assisting you in every way possible.

Tomorrow (10th July) the Queensland border opens to all but Victorians.   Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin are increasing the number of flights to Cairns, but still nothing from Melbourne.

Our understanding of the flights to and from Cairns (with information from Cairns Airport on 8th July) is here: COVID/Flights and Transfers page.So too are the trips we are running to service them.

The number of trips will be increased to match the airlines' schedules. Now eight southbounds (to airport)  and 10 northbounds  (from airport) per day. We will continue to monitor the airline schedules and, hopefully increase trips to match. However, there is much uncertainly about a potential Covid spread out of Victoria. Other states may be affected, with commensurate repercussions for flights, and hence Exemplar's transfers.

We will keep you posted via this site, as well as emailed updates to our corporate partners. Breaking news will continue to be shown on the 'Hot News Ticker' inside our corporate portal.

Private Transfers remain available 24/7.

COVID-19 Safe  We are fully compliant and have recently received formal certification from the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC). Fancy badges are to the right. Our procedures are here.

Making Bookings. Our New Booking pages (one Public and one Agent) have been reopened.  If you have any questions please contact the office for advice.

Office Hours have been expanded to 0900-1500 seven days. Available on regular phone number (07) 4213 3333 and

Duty Manager:  available outside these 'office hours' for urgent/emergency matters on 0409 759 375.

Drivers are spending a little more time on the road, and remain committed to staying connected. They continue to do a great job in applying spit and polish to the fleet, office and depot. You should see the shine on the vehicles!

Please stay safe. See you out the other side.

Kind regards,

Cheryl and Gordon




The COVID Ready Badge identifies Exemplar as a COVID-ready business and reflects that Exemplar is currently operating in line with the NCCC COVID-safe guidelines and other relevant state-based guidelines.



The Tourism Trade Checklist Badge identifies Exemplar as complying with Australia's trusted Tourism-Trade Business Checklist.














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  Seat in Coach    (/passenger)
Airport - Port Douglas            $44

Cairns - Port Douglas             $46

Airport - Palm Cove               $24

Cairns - Palm Cove                $26

Port Douglas - Palm Cove      $30


Standard Limousine (/vehicle)
Airport - Port Douglas             $229

Airport - Palm Cove                $106

Airport - Cairns City                 $76 
Port Douglas - Palm Cove       $157


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