Saturday, June 24, 2017

On Arrival at the Airport


Where to Meet Your Driver

Domestic Terminal

On arrival follow the 'Baggage' signs. In summary:

  • pass through the shopping concourse,
  • turn left at the far end, then
  • exit through large glass doors into the baggage collection area.

Your driver will be waiting not far from those doors.  Make yourself known to him before proceeding to your baggage carousel.

He will:

  • cross you off his list,
  • confirm your carousel,
  • advise where to regroup after baggage collection. (Most likely adjacent to your carousel.)

If you are in a coach, once the other passengers for your vehicle are gathered you will then exit the large glass doors at the northern end of the baggage area (the opposite end to where you  came in) and then proceed to your vehicle along a covered walkway.

If you are in a limousine you will be escorted out of the eastern doors and to your vehicle just outside.

Please remember that Port Douglas is over an hour away and Mission Beach is twice the duration. Bathrooms are adjacent to the carousels if you need to freshen up. 

  Domestic terminal meeting point  

International Terminal

After you have passed through customs you will exit through solid doors to a general reception area. Watch for your driver just outside those doors.  From there it is a short walk to either your coach or private sedan.



What to Look Out For

Your driver will be holding a board with your name on it. He/she will be in a uniform of dark blue trousers/skirt, white shirt and dark blue tie/neck-scarf.

What if I Can't Find My Driver

In the unlikely event that your driver is not there, he will probably not be far away. Simply wait at the nominated meeting point. But please don't wander off. 

If after, say 15 minutes and you still have not made contact with your driver, then ring the office on 07 4098 5473. The Base has radio and telephone contact with all vehicles and our staff will probably already know the nature of the delay. If not, they will be able to find out for you. 

Please note that it is important that you pass us your mobile phone number when making a booking.

We will always contact you if we have been delayed.


Sandy, a top Exemplar driver


What Happens if My Flight is Delayed?

Our office continuously monitors the Cairns Airport website for actual arrival and departure times and we do our best to juggle vehicles to cater for any changes that may affect you. 

We will do our best to:  

  • have your assigned vehicle wait for you; 
  • organise another of our own vehicles meet you or, if that is not possible, 
  • we will have a vehicle from another company look after you.

But please see our Terms and Conditions for the bounds of what we can and can't do.

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