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This update: 1st February 2021


Exemplar Services

With the borders opening (to all but WA) as of the 1st of February we are in a position to offer more services due to a slight increase in demand.


Our timetable starting the 1st of February 2021:

These scheduled trip times aim for a best fit with the known flight times but are subject to change, as the flight schedules vary.     


Private Transfers

As is the case now, we will run at any time, to any place, to suit clients' requirements.

Private transfers are available for any flight with an arrival time after 2020.


Way Ahead

Our intention is to revisit the airline schedules regularly and we will adjust our  timetables as necessary. 

There may be some inconvenience for travellers. Hopefully you will be understanding. Here are some possibilities:

  • There will be occasions when a service will be meeting  two or more closely-timed flights.
  • Customers may be asked to wait for longer than usual periods, or head to the airport earlier than the norm.   

We reserve the right to amend or cancel services as we see fit, but we won't leave anyone 'in the lurch'.

    • Customers will be notified and alternatives proposed.
    • For instance, they may be reassigned to a code-share company.
    • Private transfers will always be available.

Communication is the key.

    • Customers must leave their phone number when booking.
    • Customers are requested to be flexible if they are asked to take a later or an earlier transfer service.

Covid - Safety Plan

Exemplar follows all Covid-19 mitigation processes as regulated by Qld Health. In addition, we have been formally accredited by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).  Read more.



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