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This update: 5PM 7th AUGUST 2020


The following data is from Cairns Airport a few hours ago.

These flights are (perhaps!) valid until 16th August.

Another revision is anticipated for the schedule beyond then.  Please check back regularly for updates.



QF7321 at 0720 (TSV)

(Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

QF7497 at 0825 (TSV)

(Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

JQ928 at 0850 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF2302 at 0900 (TSV)


TL170 at 0930 (DRW)


QF706 at 0955 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat)

QF1706 at 0955 (BNE)

(Wed, Sun)

QQ7240 at 0955 (BNE)


QF2479 at 1035 (WEI)

(Mon, Fri)

JQ960 at 1100 (ADE)

(Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)

QF1708 at 1120 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF97 at 1145 (BNE)

(Tue Thu)

JQ938 at 1150 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF2489 at 1210 (HID)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)

TL140 at 1215 (WTB)


VA779 at 1220 (BNE)

(Every day)

VA781 at 1320 (BNE)

(Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)

QF712 at 1350 (BNE)

(Mon, Sun)

QF2489 at 1455 (HID)


TL140 at 1525 (WTB)


TL160 at 1550 (DRW)


QF1714 at 1600 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Sat)

QF714 at 1600 (BNE)

(Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)

TL160 at 1600 (DRW)

(Thu, Fri)

TL160 at 1610 (DRW)


VA785 at 1620 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun)

QQ2352 at 1635 (MCY)

(Mon, Fri, Sun)

QF2481 at 1630 (WEI)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)

JQ930 at 1650 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF2497 at 1810 (HID)

(Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

QF1716 at 1845 (BNE)

(Fri, Sat)

QF2310 at 1945 (TSV)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

JQ940 at 2005 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF2312 at 2110 (TSV)







JQ929 at 0930 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF711 at 1035 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat)

QF1711 at 1035 (BNE)
(Wed, Sun)

QF2488 at 1100 (HID)


TL171 at 1130 (DRW)


JQ963 at 1140 (ADE)

(Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)

QF1713 at 1200 (BNE)


JQ939 at 1230 (BNE)

(Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat)

TL171 at 1245 (DRW)


VA782 at 1310 (BNE)

(Every day)

QF2480 at 1310 (WEI)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

QQ7241 at 1355 (BNE)


VA784 at 1410 (BNE)

(Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)

QF2496 at 1415 (HID)

(Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

QF1715 at 1430 (BNE)

(Mon, Sun)

TL161 at 1640 (DRW)

(Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun)

QF719 at 1640 (BNE)

(Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun)

QF1719 at 1640 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Sat)

TL661 at 1645 (BNE)


VA788 at 1710 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun)

QF2315 at 1730 (TSV)

(Thu, Sun)

QF7491 at 1730 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)

QF2315 at 1735 (TSV)


JQ931 at 1740 (BNE)


QF7313 at 1915 (BNE)

(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)

QF1721 at 1925 (BNE)

(Fri, Sun)

JQ935 at 2045 (BNE)





We are taking bookings for all flights shown above and will be running the below Seat in Coach schedule.







0700 ex PD via Palm Cove


0915 ex City

0945 ex Airport

0800 ex PD via Palm Cove



1030 ex Airport

0900 ex PD via Palm Cove


1200 ex City

1230 ex Airport

1000 ex PD via Palm Cove


1430 ex Airport


1130 ex PD via Palm Cove


1600 ex City

1640 ex Airport

1400 ex PD via Palm Cove


1700 ex City

1730 ex Airport

1700 ex PD via Palm Cove


1930 ex Airport


These scheduled trip times aim to accord with the known flight times.

                                          Last service from the airport is 19:30,


Private Transfers

As is the case now, we will run at any time, to any place, to suit clients' requirements.

Please note that flight arrivals after 19:30 must be a private transfer

Premium Seat-in-Coach

Private transfers provide the maximum level of Covid-19 isolation and safety. However, we have another option.

Supplementing our regular Seat-in-Coach service we are offering a Premium Service for those who may be nervous about travelling with strangers in the close confines of a vehicle, but are not prepared to pay for a dedicated, private vehicle.

As well as applying all the standard precautions of the regular service (as spelt out here) our premium offering will provide passengers:
• Greater distancing. Passengers will be seated such that no one will be seated next to them. That is, the adjoining seat will be empty.
• Their seating position will be nominated ahead of time and ‘reserved’ with their name.
• These passengers will board last.
• They will be seated as close to the front of the vehicle as possible.
 Passengers will effectively be provided two seats. The retail rates are:

• Airport/Port Douglas - $66
• Airport/Palm cove - $36


Way Ahead

Our intention is to revisit the airline schedules on at least a weekly basis and we will adjust the timetable as necessary. 

There may be some inconvenience for travellers. Hopefully you will be understanding. Here are some possibilities:

  • There will be occasions when a service will be meeting  two or more closely-timed flights.

  • Customers may be asked to wait for longer than usual periods, or head to the airport earlier than the norm.   

    We reserve the right to amend or cancel services as we see fit, but we won't leave anyone 'in the lurch'.

    • Customers will be notified and alternatives proposed.

    • For instance, they may be reassigned to a code-share company.

    • Private transfers will always be available.

    Communication is the key.

    • Customers must leave their phone number when booking.
    • Customers are requested to be flexible if they are asked to take a later or an earlier transfer service.

Covid - Safety Plan

Exemplar follows all Covid-19 mitigation processes as regulated by Qld Health, we are currently untertaking the formal accreditation process sponsored by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC).  Read more.







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