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Journey Length


The trip from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas normally takes around 60 minutes in a limousine and (because of extra set-downs, and an inherently slower vehicle) around 75 minutes in a coach. Times to Palm Cove are around 25 and 30 minutes respectively. In the peak season (August to January), on busy weekends, and in wet weather the journey will be a little longer.



(From the City and Airport to Palm Cove and Port Douglas.)


From City.  With prior bookings seat-in-coach transfers run from the city to the airport and beyond, every hour on the hour between 0500 and 1900 (inclusive). Note that the hourly-pickup time is the time of departure from the pickup most distant from the airport (usually the Reef Fleet Terminal or hotels such as the Shangi La and Hilton.

Trips originating in the city will usually stop via the airport to embark other north-bound (Palm Cove and/or Port Douglas) passengers.

Private transfers (limousines or coaches, depending on your group's size) are available if you want a direct transfer.

From Airport Private transfers will meet all flights 365/24/7. Coaches meet all flights landing between 0445 and midnight (365 days).

A driver will be there to meet you, holding a sign with your party's name on it.

Unlike others, we do not have scheduled departure times from the airport. You will not have to wait for an "every hour on the hour" departure; or longer if the bus is not full.


If you are travelling by coach, as soon as you and your fellow guests have collected your luggage you will be on your way. Assuming your bags come out reasonably quickly (and, to be honest, this is an assumption too infrequently realised) you will be on your way approximately 30 minutes after aircraft arrival-time for domestic flights. In respect of international flights this will be considerably longer because of customs and other formalities.


Understandably, if you are first through Customs and someone else on your coach is seated down the back of Economy you are likely to be delayed.


Of course, if you have booked a limousine or a sole-charter, you will be on your way as soon as you are ready.


 Looking south from Yule Point

     Yule Point


 North of Ellis Beach

        Ellis Beach with Double Island in the Background



(To the airport from Port Douglas and Palm Cove.)


To the airport we run to a fixed timetable that is aligned with aircraft departure times.


Your airline will expect you to check-in at least 30 minutes ahead of departure-time for domestic flights and two hours ahead for international flights.  Depending on special conditions that your ticket condition may have imposed, these times may vary.  It is strongly advised that you check carefully for any such conditions.


But, whatever you do, don't cut your timing too close.  Our drivers can control most things, but a dawdling fellow passenger, then a road delay, and then another five minutes in slow traffic may be enough to have you miss your check-in deadline. 


As an indicator of what may be your check-in requirement, here is an example from QANTAS:

  • Domestic (QF400 and above) with carryon baggage                                                                                        30 minutes
  • Domestic (QF400 and above) with checked baggage                                                                                       45 minutes
  • Domestic check-in for Qantas code-share services operated by Jetstar (QF5000-QF5999).                                60 minutes
  • Domestic travel where your flight departs from an Australian international terminal (QF001-QF399)                   120 minutes

Full details for QANTAS may be found here:

Requirements for other airlines may be accessed via the links in the reference section of this site.

Our southbound timetable is set out below.



 South from Port Douglas


(Town Centre)




(Sea Temple)

0315 0320 0325
0515 0520 0525
0615 0620 0625
0715 0720 0725
0815 0820 0825
0915 0920 0935
1015 1020 1025
1115 1120 1125
1215 1220 1225
1315 1320 1325
1415 1420 1425
1515 1520 1525
1615 1620 1625

 South from Palm Cove


(Cedar Rd)




(Veivers Rd)

 0400  0405 0410
 0600  0605  0610
 0700  0705  0710
 0800  0810  0815
 0900  0910  0915
 1000  1010  1015
 1100  1110  1115
 1200  1210  1215
 1300  1305  1310
 1400  1405  1410
 1500  1505 1510
 1600  1605 1610
 1700  1705 1710



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